Grace Flow Love share stories about Life’s miraculous web of lightcodes and synchronicities.
These are narratives about the Ascension, Awakening and Multidimensional Journey that Humanity is experiencing during this powerful moment in planetary and cosmic history.

Allowing yourself to recognize and appreciate the magic of life expedite your growth propelling you into quantum style activation of your Lightbody. As you awaken the body transcends from Carbon base into Crystalline, Plasma and Diamond base.

I am Prem Sarit Rose, a Visionary Crystal Multidimensional Artist and founder of Grace Flow Love.
I am non linear and operate beyond the constraints of time, jumping timelines to access higher vibrational versions of my avatar.
I can see beyond the veils, translating mystical visions into relatable stories that activate the remembering of your own Sovereignty as a Multidimensional Lightbeing.

I had my first powerful kundalini rising experience when I was only ten years old. I wanted to astral travel. I would lay down in bed stopping my thoughts without knowing that I was in fact meditating.
I experienced a kundalini spiritual emergency. Extreme bouts of anxiety caused by chaotic outbursts of visions and experiences of the invisible worlds, almost caused me to be committed to mental institution.
I know how it feels to experience symptoms one doesn’t understand and the wisdom and tales shared here at Grace Flow Love can support you through the confusion you may experience during the awakening and ascension journey.

Grace Flow Love is not only a compendium of stories about my own life experiences. It is also a place to share cutting edge information that I am downloaded directly from my connection with Source as well as knowledge and wisdom I received from Mystical Initiations over the years studying and meditating with Avatars, Monks and Spiritual Masters.

I am a Seer, Intuitive and Empath.
I access knowledge beyond the constraints of time and space,
I can feel the collective energies, experience other’s vibration and emotional state and sharing my observation of facts and events related to these are themselves, activations for your Awakening and Ascension journey.

My mission is to empower myself and you as Wayshowers to the descending of Paradise on Earth.
My passion is to support you busting through the constraining obsolete 3D matrix into the freedom of living aligned with the 5D and beyond grids and new paradigms.
My pledge is to continuously activate you as Visionary Inner Creators that can alchemize the challenges of Life into insight, understanding, awareness.

May Unconditional Love
Burst you Heart open
So you Flow with Life
Being touched by
Grace and the Light of
your Christ within.